about pakira

Pakira Farmstay and Farmwalks offers you a rural escape like no other. Enjoy a peaceful getaway on our privately owned sheep and beef farm. Witness spectacular views of Mt Ruapehu and Mt Taranaki and NZ native bush as you enjoy your rural escape with us here at Pakira.

A brief overview of Pakira's history

Pakira translates in Maori to shining top or bald head and is the last place in the district to lose the sun each day.

The main homestead was built in 1910 and has seen only three families live in it, at over 100 years old the house has seen many alterations and transformations yet still remains the same building. A shepherds cottage was added to the property in 1930 and is located across from the local school, Kakatahi, which translates to one parrot (a large New Zealand parrot, with dull green and olive-brown upper parts and reddish underparts) in Maori.

The original woolshed was built in 1917, with a new extension added in 1980 making it a 6 stand shed. In 2012 the old shearing board was removed and the woolshed pen area was extended. What was the large boarding house later became the Kakatahi store and is now used as a shearers quarters.

The first stock sale was held in Pakira yards in February 1920 and continued for some years, until it recommenced in the 1990's.

Originally the farms airstrip was situated down at the road level but is now located 550 metres above sea level and is still used to fly fertiliser onto Pakira and neighbouring properties.

The farm was the first property sold in New Zealand due to martimional spilt, which saw the wife paid out. We purchased Pakira in 1994. Fraser was a sheep shearer and worked for many years in USA, Australia, England, Wales, Norway, Falkland Islands and New Zealand before getting back into farming.